First Day: Home Defender

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First Day: Home Defender
BadWolf Games
BadWolf Games
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208 days ago (January 19, 2020 - 07:55:04 Europe/Berlin)
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29 Jan, 2020

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First Day: Home Defender
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First Day: Home Defender

This game combines genres such as Strategy and Tower Defense.

Saving? - Forget that word forever!
Out of the game? - Start over.
Distracted? - Start over.
Dead? - Start over.
Start. Over.

In the game you have to:
  • Build a house
  • Reflect enemy attacks
  • Accumulate money
  • Buy a variety of weapons
  • Hire assistants
  • Defend, repair and strengthen the base

How long can you survive against an endless crowd of monsters wanting your flesh ?!