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Fishcow Studio
Daedalic Entertainment
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594 days ago (October 17, 2018 - 19:59:23 Europe/Berlin)
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6 Dec, 2013

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How far would you go to save your best friend?
For Gomo, the answer to this question is clear: To the end of the world and further, if necessary.
Join him on his journey through the bizarre 2D landscapes of this dreamlike Point & Click Adventure!

Far away, in a hidden valley Gomo and his dog Dingo live in undisturbed peace; but serenity in this fairy tale vale soon comes to a violent end: an unknown alien force abducts Gomo's companion. In exchange for his beloved pet, Gomo is supposed to obtain a rare crystal for the alien. This crystal lies well protected in a subterranean mine- getting your hands on this one won't be easy!
However, there is no choice, but doing as the alien asks...

You want to help Gomo? Then be prepared for a surreal journey packed with challenging puzzles.


  • Presented by the creators of the ?Deponia?-Series, ?The Whispered World? and ?Edna & Harvey - The Breakout"
  • Point & Click exploration through a surreal dreamscape.
  • Fondly animated characters, hand-drawn backdrops and creative puzzle design
  • Communication in non-verbal comic style