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20.10.17 22:23 Server downtime / Standalone server release The Perpetuum server will be down on 2017-10-22 from 15:00 servertime/CEST (13:00 UTC) for a few hours. During the downtime we will deploy a server and client update, which will clear the way for you to use the announced standalone server solution. The official server will not change from a player p... Community Announcements
03.09.17 22:53 Perpetuum is dead, long live Perpetuum Perpetuum development is discontinued, but with your help it has a future. Read all about it in our latest blog post here: Community Announcements
17.02.17 20:11 Syndicate robots: The Final Wave The final wave of Syndicate robots has arrived! Our newly released patch 3.8.3 includes the last 4 members of the new Syndicate faction, and also brings numerous balancing chan... Community Announcements
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