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1 Tag 15:18 Hotfix 1.6.2. changelog Hi guys, we released a small hotfix for the base game as well as for the DLC. Here is the changelog: • 'Never ending war' fix. • Localisation fixes. • Events fixes. • Balance tweaks. • Core game version is now 1.6.2 Thank you for your bug reports, feedback and support. We really appreciate it! Community Announcements
15.03.18 18:26 New Power DLC is out now! After a long wait we bring you the first DLC for Realpolitiks that expands your options as well as reflects some of the current events on the geopolitical scene and trends in contemporary political movements. Revolving around the one country that all heads are turning towards regularly in recent new... Community Announcements
15.02.18 19:03 New Update Out + DLC announcment! Hi there, we have got some good news for you guys! New DLC is almost here! Witness New Power! Realpolitiks: “New Power” DLC injects fresh content and realism into the world of Realpolitiks. The “Korean Crisis” mini-scenario that features an actual nuclear threat, Non-Gov... Community Announcements
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