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11.01.18 03:57 Chinese language support added Chinese language support in Banner Saga is released today - you asked and we listened! Build number - 2.49.02 Community Announcements
11.12.17 21:43 Improvements and Fixes Updates Map: Added tooltip translations for map locations. By default, a tooltip follows the mouse, or you can hit the TAB key to toggle them all off and on. Hotkeys: Add control/alt arrow keys for cycling through allies, and shift arrow keys for cycling through enemies Hotkeys: Add cycling of abilities wit... Community Announcements
13.07.17 23:16 The most metal PC games Source: Devil Daggers ‘Metal as fuck’ is a modern colloquialism used to indicate whether an object, idea, or action is verifiably rad. But calling something metal means much more than ‘cool, but edgy’. It’s a phrase that should be reserved for only the raddest an... PC Gamer
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