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Steam NewsWenn das Spiel auf Steam gelistet ist, zeigen wir die neusten News aus der Plattform zum Spiel an

13.02.18 01:25 INTRODUCING A HUNTING SYSTEM Place your palm on the ground. Do you feel the vibrations? Shove your ear into the dirt. Do you hear the pattering of feet or the distant stomp of a mighty creature? Now, taste... Community Announcements
26.12.17 07:17 WHAT TO EXPECT NEXT? HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Happy Holidays from all of us at Crytivo! It’s been another incredible year of triumphs, lessons learned, and growth. Thank you for always taking the time to interact with the ... Community Announcements
06.12.17 02:04 NEW PATCH V0.0.22 TEST SQUAD IS NOW LIVE! We’re back with another exciting patch for all of you incredible people. Our team has once again astounded with its ability to balance the flow of new content and bug fixing, dri... Community Announcements
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