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11.05.16 16:24 Act Of Aggression: Reboot Edition Reworks Eugen s RTS Eugen Systems have made a small name for themselves with strategy games like R.U.S.E. and the Wargame trilogy, but never had a real breakout hit. Lately they’ve been busy reworking and polishing their last game, Act of Aggression , with the aim of making its multiplayer more like “old sc... Rock, Paper, Shotgun
10.05.16 19:28 The Reboot Edition is now available! Act of Aggression: The Reboot Edition now available! This new edition lands on Steam at 50% off - free for owners of Act of Aggression We release Act of Aggression - Reboot Edition today, which can be ... Community Announcements
21.03.16 17:18 REBOOT EDITION BETA is now LIVE! Join in to get a new flavour of Act of Aggression. :) Available for free to every owner of Act of Aggression, the beta will automatically combine with your existing version of the game, and give y... Community Announcements
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