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29.11.17 13:19 GAME DOCS UPDATED The stand-alone docs installer has been updated, due to how WIN10 handles the start menu item entries. Go to Control Panel/Add Remove Programs, and uninstall the pre-existing game docs if you have it installed. Locate the AAW_STEAM_SHORTCUTS.EXE file located in the game's install folder and run it. ... Community Announcements
28.11.17 14:53 Build 1.00.40 IS IN THE WORKS This upcoming maintenance build has several tweaks and fixes which improve the game in various areas. We recently released similar updates for our other games. Soom the changelog will be updated to reflect the upcoming update. Community Announcements
18.10.16 00:52 All Aspects Warpack This sci-fi duo is now available to purchase in a pack that combines both titles at a discounted price. We are also working on an update which will enable the game's scripting system allowing you to create your own air, ground, and fps missions. Stay tuned! Community Announcements
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