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3000 AD
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3000 AD
Formed in 1992, by videogame industry icon, Derek Smart who started working on his first videogame in 1989, we are one of the oldest independent videogame development studios.
3000AD, Inc located in sunny South Florida, was founded in 1989 (incorporated in 1992) by Derek Smart as an independent game development company. Beginning with just a few books on game programming, some knowledgable contacts, and a vision, Derek has developed one of the most recognized and longest running brands in computer gaming history.

In 2006, Battlecruiser, the company’s first and most recognized IP, celebrated its 10-year anniversary.

The 3000AD story is one of pushing the envelope of technical capability, continually leading the space simulation game market in sheer scope and ambition. Battlecruiser games are known for seamlessly scaling from immense planet-orbiting battlestations down to hand-to-hand combat on land, air, and sea.


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