Armed Assault

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Ein neues Tool für die Community ist heute von Kegetys veröffentlicht worden. Dabei handelt es sich um ein vollfunktionstüchtiges Programm für Lippenbewegegungen. Das heisst, euren Text den die Soldaten ausprechen, z.B. im Intro oder Outro, synchron mit den Lippen in Einklang bringen, dafür ist es gemacht. Warum das ganze, es hebt einfach die Atmosphäre deiner Mission oder Kampagne und es kommt eine Indentifizierung mit dem Charakter eher in Frage als ohne. Es ist ein wenig mit Arbeit verbunden, aber wer diese nicht scheut, dem empfehle ich dieses Tool.

Quote Kegetys:

Here's a little project I have been working on for a while calle "ArmAlib". A bit similar to fwatch, it adds new scripting capabilities to the game which allow, for example SQLite database access.

It works on ArmA v1.14 client and Windows dedicated server. Linux dedicated is not supported. The documentation is a bit poor at the moment because writing it is rather annoying but hopefully you can figure it all out.

New features it allows are:
  • Access to two SQLite databases with SQL syntax (for saving and loading data)
  • HTTP GET support to retrieve data from the web
  • Windows clipboard access (set and get string)
  • Setting mouse cursor position (same as ArmA function 'setMousePosition' which does not work)
  • Retrieving mouse information, including cursor position, "relative" positions and button states
  • Setting TrackIR X,Y,Z and roll axis freedom for "6DOF" support
  • Retrieving the current viewdistance, camera X/Y FOV, current screen resolution and arma command line
  • Night vision goggles effect detection
  • 'ScriptLink' feature, which allows real time communication with external applications using a Windows named pipe
  • Debug output

I have tested it quite alot, but there still can be some nasty bugs left. If you get crashes when using it, dont bother BIS with the crash reports, its propably not their fault :P I have tested it on Windows XP SP2 client & server and Windows 2000 pro server, other OS might or might not have some unknown problems.

ArmAlib is activated by a "proxy" DSOUND.DLL file which is installed into the ArmA directory. If you have some serious problems (Such as the game not starting) removing this file will disable ArmAlib permantently. '-noarmalib' parameter can also be used with arma.exe to disable ArmAlib loading.
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