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Armed Assault - Evolution v3.0 by KilJoy [SFG]
Armed Assault Evolution v3.0 by KilJoy [SFG] 18.08.07 01:27 Mission Evolution v3.0 by KilJoy [SFG]
Eine neue ArmA Mission namens Evolution hört sich schon ziemlich hitverdächtig an. Ob diese Mission das Zeug zu einen Klassiker hat, musst ihr entscheiden, ich kann sie nur wärmstens empfehlen. Die Mission wurde jetzt in Version 3 von KilJoy [SFG] veröffentlicht und bietet eine Reihe an eingebauten Scripten und selbstverständlich ein Intro, Outro usw.

Mission Name: Evolution Version 3.0
Game mode: MP: Coop 1-30
Addon's required: None
Respawn: Base

  • A rank system based off the players score that unlocks vehicles and weapons as the player gains higher ranks.
  • Automatic vehicle servicing anywhere in the base area (Airport)
  • Dynamic groups, players can join other players groups while in the game.
  • Recruited AI, players can recruit AI units if they are leaders and have a high enough rank.
  • Side missions there are multiple random generated side missions that leaders can pick from.
  • Scores for everything, you get scores for completing main objectives, secondary objectives, side missions transporting and repairing!!
  • The mission remembers you , so if you disconnect and come back later your score and rank is remembered.
  • Missile Cam for hellfires GBU bombs and stingers.
  • Incoming missile warning sound for all aircraft. (local host)
  • Optional 4 hour day mode.
  • Synced time for all clients and jip players.
  • Dynamic Weather System
  • Improvements 1. Added A-10 2. Added Engineer class (repairs for points) 3. Engineers and medics can build FARP and MASH centers earning points to the owner if they are used. 4. New recruitment menu and radio command. (thank you Dr.Eyeball) 5. New select mission radio command. 6. New 500 lives server option, when 500 west lives are lost the mission is failed. 7. Added POW camp and prisoner sub objectives to citys. 8. Randomized radio tower city objective placements. 9. New randomized civilian parked car generator system. 10. New Docks. 11. All farps and base repair rearm and refule every type of vehicle. 12. New missions Air Combat Patrol and Defence. 13. A City under siege will call in reinforcments from the next town, Until the radio tower is destroyed.
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