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Heliroute Script v1.2 von MandobleHeliroute Script v1.2 von Mandoble

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Mandoble aktualisiert sein Heliroute Script für Armed Assault. In der neuen Version 1.2 wurden so einige Sachen gefixt und ausserdem einige Features hinzugefügt. Damit sollte es möglich sein, schnell eine alternative Route per Script für den Helikopter festzulegen und die gegebenfalls beliebig zu verändern. Probiert es mal aus!

Changelog & Features]

What probles does solve this script?

- If you give a destination really far away, ArmA engine stalls trying to solve the path and the chooper will refuse to move.
- If you order a chopper to land at destination, it will land anywhere except where you want it to land, much less on building roofs or between streets.

Updated to v1.1
  • The chopper dont wait till rotor is completely stopped before ending the script now.

Updated to v1.2
  • The chopper will stay where indicated even after assigning soldiers to it as cargo. The chopper will not try to move to pick them up and will stay in its current position waiting for the cargo.
  • The script now stores the route states into an internal vehicle variable name mando_heliroute with the following possible values: "busy" (the chopper is executing the route), "damaged" (chopper damaged or pilot dead, the route is finished) and "waiting" (the route is finished and the chopper is ready for new routes).
  • Added more instructions to the script header.

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