Armed Assault

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In den BI-Foren werden wir von arremba_san_zorzo auf den neuen Release des Pedagne Mod aufmerksam gemacht. Sie haben nähmlich ihr Mod Pack mit den Italienischen Soldaten, Waffen und einigen mehr zum Download bereit gestellt. Für das Paket werden aber die Hammas Units von namman2 und die Waffen von Rebus Italia Pack benötigt. Ausserdem gibt es ein umfassendes Mission Pack indem die komplette Ausrüstung und Einheiten ausprobiert werden können, natürlich in Action!

Here you can find various (179! ) units of Regiments, Brigades, specialties, special units, pilots, crews of Italian Army, Navy and Carabinieri. The most part of the soldier’s camo have two versions: BDU and Digital camo. The 90% of models and the textures making and mapping, are made editing the original BIS work. The textures of digital camo, the boots and the belt are imported from the Dr Rebus great job.
The whole list of the units and the most important point of the config shell are explained in the file “Classi_ASZ.xls” included in the pack. I’m confident that the reading of this file may help you in the comprehension of this pack.

In this pbo pack files you can find also:
  • An upgrade of the Beretta rifles with with some fix, new sounds and two pistols (derived from M9 BIS original model). BEWARE! The class weapons of the Beretta rifles have been changed with the addition of the prefix “ASZ_”. So please, all the modders that have equipped their units with the Beretta rifles, must see the new class list in the “Classi_ASZ.xls” file.
  • New pbo file weapons with Panzerfaust 3 of Swiss MOD, the MG42 of Robert Hammer, M249 with aim-point and turned kick (derived by BIS original model) and the Spike long-range launcher that is only the Javelin of BIS renamed. The whole list in “Classi_ASZ.xls” file.
  • Many vehicles fast re-skinned by BIS original models.This vehicles have the only purpose to allow to the gamers to play with vehicles with Italian flag. They are only a bridge to the real editing of vehicle starting now with the importing of PedagneMOD vehicles from OFP (I hope that they will ready soon). The whole list in “Classi_ASZ.xls” file.

I have followed tutorials and suggests various, but nothing. So this is my….
The Wounds textures on the soldiers do not load correctly
The Damage textures on the vehicles do not load correctly

Thanks and more...

Thanks to:
  • The SWISS MOD that has allowed me to use their very nice Panzerfaust3 in this shell pack.
  • ROBERT HAMMER that has allowed me to use his MG42 and the sounds of his weapons.
  • DR REBUS that has allowed me to use important part his textures of Italian digital camo, the boots and the belt.
  • BEHORAM WALLACE that has gave me the high-res photo for italian BDU camo and the Beta Testing availability.
  • RUBBER for their Beta Testing and availability and help in every days I had quested.
  • AIMPOINT for their continued support .
  • All the ArmA community that has gave me feedback in the various topic forums.
  • BIS for their great work and availability with the community.

And least but not lost, I say thanks to MARK82101 for their availability for the Beta Testing and the making of the missions that you can download below.

MARK82101 wrote:
”This is a 3 missions pack created at the same time to the release of the italian units for ArmA by Arremba San Zorzo (I greet him and I give thanks to him for
his trust in me for the cration of these demo missions, and for his talent in the creation of this awesome mod for ArmA).
Since the times of OFP I was proud of the works of ASZ.


-)G.O.I. Ride:
The mission consist in control one team of 5 special forces of Comsubin, elite units of italian Navy, for an operation of rescue of a pilot downed
behind enemy lines. I advise you to assume stealth behaviour, because the zone is under enemy control, and a lot of Al-Qaeda patrols are ready to empty they're
rifles to you.

The Special Intervention Group is called for a special event. The city of Corazol is attacked by an heavy armed terrorist group, and after killed a lot of civilians
they are garrisoned in a big house. 2 teams are near the house waiting for headquarter call, for start the operation.
With Radio you can synchronize the assault with other team bravo, and kill all the terrorists.

-)San Marco Lions
The city of Chantico is under enemy control. The San Marco Regiment are ready for disembark in a large beach near Chantico, and advance in direction of the city
for retake the control of Chantico, supported by Harrier bombers of the San Marco ship (planes carrier).

Thanks to:
Arremba San Zorzo, Rebus, AT_ST_Walker, Gunny, BIS ^^"

!Attention! Queen's Gambit Required!

-Download Hammas Units by namman2
-Download Italia Weapons by Rebus
-Download Mission Pack by MARK82101
Quelle: BI-Foren

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