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Land Rover Defender 110 *Update*Nachschub in Sachen Landrovers vom Python Art Studio. Version 0.5 BETA hat mehere Versionen im Angebot. Weitere Versionen werden nicht folgen.

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In den BI-Foren gibt es Nachschub in Sachen Fahrzeuge für ArmA. So präsentiert TheSun für Python Art Studios das Land Rover Defender 110 Pack. Diese Version ist noch BETA, kann aber schon mehere Versionen anbieten. Download ist ein absolutes Muss!

Quote TheSun: Hi all, I'd like to anounce that We've released Land Rover Defender pack beta. This was intendet to be a part of our (Python Art Studio) Army of Czech Republic Mod.

**I** Basic info

This pack contains four LAND ROVER DEFENDER 110 versions (two armed, two soft-top) which were meant to be part of our Army of Czech Republic project. Since we decided to put our work more or less on hold and wait for ArmA2, due to our real life situations and other reasons, I'd like to release what was (at least a bit) finished on my rovers. So, I removed all markings from them to make their use more versatile and fixed some bugs.

*** Version updated!! ***

Content, Installation and more...
Quelle: BI-Foren

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