Armed Assault

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In den BI-Foren wurde eine neue SLX Modifikation für ArmA veröffentlicht. paragraphic l, ehemals Solus hat diese jetzt so weiter entwickelt, dass er sie uns zum Download überlassen hat. Mit dieser neuen Mod ziehen neue Effekte, Animationen, viele Veränderungen beim Gameplay in ArmA ein. Im Download findet sich eine ausführliche Readme, ausserdem gibt es noch ein Video obendrauf.

Quote paragraphic l:
The mod makes many changes to the gameplay of ArmA. Vehicles, weapons, ammo, animations, particles, and much more are changed.

General Features:

  • Changed wounding
  • Changed vehicle armor
  • Stronger front armor on tanks, weak rear engine armor
  • Extended fields of view
  • Global Group Link 3 effects and SLX Wounds
  • More dynamic AI skill settings
  • No automatic explosion when vehicles are destroyed
  • More AT weapons in ammo crates and vehicles
  • Most armor uses CAVS Common Armor Value System settings:

  • More and faster movement modes and smoother changes between them
  • More aim shaking
  • More stamina effects
  • Separate rifle and MG reloading speeds
  • Slower rifle, MG, and AT reloads
  • Outstretched arm for grenade aiming
  • Fast AT weapon to prone move
  • Harder for AI's to see prone people
  • Faster swimming with less stamina loss
  • Crouched running

  • Extended fields of view for basic sights
  • Changed ballistics, weapons, and damage settings
  • More recoil
  • Ejected casing effect
  • Pistol caliber casings
  • Fast grenade throwing
  • Fast disposable AT launcher reload
  • Removed rifle crosshairs
  • Removed rifle tracers
  • Magazines loaded with tracer rounds for squad leaders
  • Optional binocular and laser designator optics
  • Working javelin launcher loaded model with fast reload
  • Most AT weapons use CAVS Common Armor Value System settings

  • Many new and changed effects
  • More affected by wind
  • Explosion effects: fire/dust ball, dust skirt, smoke column, shock wave and dust

  • More affected by wind
  • Customizable settings

  • Safety weapon action
  • Removed reload icon
  • More intuitive action priorities

Along with many other small changes. Please read the change logs for more information.

Please read the readme files for more information on included addons/parts.

Quelle: BI-Foren

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