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23.01.18 01:12 Server Maintenance Hello D&T Players, We are performing some server maintenance and relocation. We are sorry for the short notice and hope to have everything back up as soon as possible. Community Announcements
24.05.17 20:29 We're Back Online! Hello everybody! Sorry for the long downtime. One of our primary servers was taken down by ransomeware. The good news is: We're back online! The bad news is: Due to corrupted backups we were unable to recover a lot of data. Most of you will probably find that your accounts have been reset or you los... Community Announcements
19.05.17 03:36 Server Status Hi everyone, quick update. Our server was attacked by a ransomware attack so we have been slowly getting things rebuilt to bring the game back up as soon as we can as several of our backed up components were corrupted as well. We are still working through this and I imagine it will be a day or two m... Community Announcements
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