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Chrome-Engine 3
Engine Chrome-Engine 3
Techland is committed to delivering high-quality, cutting-edge videogame titles and 3D-Game-Technology like the CHROME ENGINE game engine.

The leading idea of CHROME ENGINE was to create powerful game engine with all features necessary to create enterprise first person perspective (FPP) games, like advanced visualization, scripting and physics system, with integrated networking and artificial intelligence. Dividing engine into many small specialized systems, allowed us to produce rapid game development environment where the only task for programmers is to combine those components with their own idea to create fully featured game. Two main goals were to keep engine as efficient and easy to use as possible, so its users don't have to take care of technology development and may focus on providing best possible gameplay.

As a result we bring you CHROME ENGINE which is a full-featured rapid game development system with advanced visual technologies, which incorporates all modern visualization techniques, advanced scripting system and impressive physics.

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