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Blade Interactive hauseigene Engine, die zum Beispiel bei der Entwicklung von Hydrophobia zum Einsatz kommt.

Dark Energy's HydroEngine technology is the result of years of intensive development work, and is only possible on next-generation systems. HydroEngine allows us to model flowing water and other liquids, which behave exactly as you would expect in real life. Water can flow down corridors and stairs, and is entirely dynamic, which means you never get the same behviour twice.

What's more, HydroEngine can interface with solid body physics engines such as Havok, so that objects and debris can be carried with the flow, and interact with dynamic environments and characters in countless ways.

Up until now, water in games has been just a background effect. Smoke and mirrors have been employed to give the impression of surface ripples and waves, but the water itself has been static.

HydroEngine is the first fluid dynamics engine for games, developed over several years by Blade's R&D team to do one thing: bring water to games which looks and behaves exactly like the real thing.

HydroEngine Features:

* Water flows from one area to another
* Objects get carried realistically by the flow
* Surfaces and characters become wet when touched by the water, and dry out over time
* Emergent effects such as eddies and underwater currents occur just like real water
* Spray and splashes are generated dynamically according to forces acting on the water
* Surface foam and infinite underwater particles follow the flow
* Dynamic caustic lights cause walls and floor to shimmer as water passes through
* Water can apply forces to objects, walls, windows and doors, causing them to buckle under the pressure

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