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Anvil Game Studios
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Anvil Game Studios
Anvil Game Studios is a game development company based in Malta with an international team of passionate individuals. We are currently independently developing and producing our debut title ‘Holdfast: Nations At War’ - A competitive multiplayer first and third person shooter set during the Napoleonic Era. Massive battles with over 150 players per server take place in the game.
Pre Anvil Game Studios

Back during the early months of 2014 twin brothers Julian and Andrew Farrugia started working on an early concept for what would eventually become the studio’s first title - ‘Holdfast: Nations At War’. After their involvement with the ‘Napoleonic Wars’ DLC for ‘Mount & Blade: Warband’, they started looking for a programmer to complete the core team.
The Start of Anvil Game Studios

Malta is a relatively small island and it sometimes seems like everybody knows each other. Therefore it did not come as a surprise that a friend of the brothers quickly introduced them to Andreas Grech. This led to the start of Anvil Game Studios on June 2014.

Since then the team has been growing by bringing together an international team with various skillsets. The studio will be releasing ‘Holdfast: Nations At War’ through Steam Early Access on September the 21st.

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