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BadFly Interactive
We are a small creative studio, made up of developers with years of experience. Every one of us has worked in the media and game industry for many years, participating in various AAA titles for the PC, Xbox, Playstation and currently also mobile devices.
Our main goal is to create high quality games with interesting and entertaining content and to dynamically react to the current trends and changes on the game market.

We want to focus on developing games for the PC, iOS and Android, using the Unity 3D engine. We take great care to create games of the best possible quality, mainly in terms of graphics, music, sounds, playability and controls. We believe that all of these aspects are an important part of gameplay because they greatly contribute to the game’s immersion and the impression it leaves in players.

However, our top priority will always be fun because we believe that every game’s main goal is to provide entertainment. We want our players to have a good time while playing our games and feel that they have spent their time well.

We all enjoy horror movies, especially those that combine action, brutality and humor. We strive to make our games similar and offer not only fast-paced action but also a few laughs.

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