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Big Moustache Games
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Big Moustache Games
Big Moustache Games is a small independent studio, situated in the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia. Making games is what most of us have done, or wanted to do for the better part of their lives. So for us – it’s a mission! A mission to save a dying breed, the true gamer. Because the games could be and should be much more than what they are today. And the true gamer deserves nothing less!
We also wanted to be able to finally take full responsibility of everything we do. If we make mistakes, and we will 100%, we want these to be our own mistakes, not somebody else’s. For that we had to take full control. And we did. Welcome to BMG!

Here’s what we believe in:
  • No compromise made is worth the time it takes.
  • There’s always something more you can learn.
  • Common sense rules!
  • Honesty, humbleness, hard work – the true Iron Triangle.

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