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eam Blur was formed in early 2000 and was created by Nicolas Martin Flekenstein and Gavin Stevens. Its goal at the time was to create a graphically improved version of id Software's already impressive but sadly aging shooter, Quake 2. And so, with a heavy task ahead, Team Blur was born.
Later in the development of Quake II Evolved, we decided that while working on the project was entertaining, we wanted a bigger and better challenge. Quake II Evolved was indeed impressive but it would never be "complete" in a sense. Every time it looked old, or every time some new fancy graphics tech came out, it was added to it, and the whole ordeal just repeated itself. It was around this time that we decided to work on a new project alongside Q2E, something we could build from the ground up how WE wanted it, something we could call our own. That project became Quake II Evolved: OverDose, a multiplayer game built using our advanced Quake 2 engine, using the Quake 2 story line and elements from the game in a new game play experience. However, as much as we liked what we were doing, we were still locked into using another persons's ideas and designs, we still never had a project to call our own. Soon after, we all agree to drop the Quake 2 theme and work on our own designs, our own ideas... And so, OverDose was born again, a new game with a new engine, new ideas, and fresh multiplayer game play.

Team Blur is committed to working on amazing projects that push the boundaries of technology while still delivering an amazing community experience.

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