Entwickler: Burak Dabak

Burak Dabak
Entwickler Burak Dabak

Burak was born in 1983 in ?zmir/Ödemi?. He graduated from highschool in 2003 and got his bachelor oflaw degree from Faculty of Law in 2010.

He has been active in computer and game industry for years. He wrote for magazines such as Chip,Merlin'in Kazan? and GamerTR, and he was a writer and editor for GameHQ.

He was tasked as an official/unofficial beta tester for major companies like Blizzard and Microsoft.

He also won the second place in Bitek-o Design Competition, the first place in Quake 3 Tournament amongst Turkish players, and the second place in Warcraft Frozen Throne Tournament amongst Turkish players.

After studying on game programming and graphical design for several years he has created his first game project MESEL.

After about 2 years, he designed the second game SpaceBourne.

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