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Camex Games
Camex Games is a video games developer and publisher with offices in Canada, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. We only create one type of game, and that is tactical RPGs. We grew up playing tactical RPGs, and we have always developed tactical RPGs. In summary, tactical RPGs are in our blood and our DNA is not fused with double helixes, but made up of hex-grid, turn-based gameplay.
Camex Games was officially founded in 2015, but many of our core team members has been making and playing games together for over 10 years. Since 2015, Camex Games has brought 2 games to the market: Heroes Tactics and Tactical Monsters. Our games has been globally featured multiple times by Google Play, Apple App Store, Facebook, Kongregate, and VK. Our team was also featured on Google I/O as a case study alongside top 10 worldwide publishers. Overall, we have reached close to top 100 grossing chart in 75 countries on Google Play and Apple App Store.

We focus on our core competency, which is the genre of tactical RPGs, and we do not dare venture out into other genres. We do this because we have accumulated a vast amount of knowledge and experience on making tactical games. Every game genre has endless unknown unknowns, and it took us 10 years to get to where we are today with tactical games, and we are still learning every day.

Our team members come from Canada, United States, and China. We hire from all around the world as we believe variety in background and experience allow us to thrive in a global market. Most of our players are in United States, China, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Russia, and Brazil. And we work with partners around the world to create successful games. To ensure a stable real-time, worldwide gameplay, our two co-founders thrives on their experiences as the server architects of Oracle and IBM.

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