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Chair Entertainment
Tochter Unternehmen von Epic Games.
In his Theory of Forms, Plato divided the human experience into two realms: the material realm and the transcendent realm of Forms or abstract ideas. The world of Forms is perceived through the mind, through reason, and is pure and immutable. Physical objects are imperfect images of the ideal Forms from which they are created. As an example, Plato asserted that while a chair has many physical representations, the Form of a chair, or it’s "chairness" is a universal ideal.

Founded in 2005, Chair Entertainment Group is committed to narrowing the gap between the artistic ideal and its commercial manifestation. Chair creates stories that draw upon universal themes to excite, inspire, and fuel the imaginations of generations to come.

In 2006, Chair introduced its first IP with the release of the NY Times bestselling novel, Empire, written by acclaimed author Orson Scott Card. Chair has plans to create future video games and a comic book series, each offering a unique experience within its Empire universe.

Seizing an opportunity to independently finance and publish its own internally developed game, Chair began production on the Xbox Live Arcade game, Undertow, in the fall of 2006. Released on November 21, 2007, Undertow was named XBLA Game of the Year by Official Xbox Magazine and received numerous Editors Choice Awards from top gaming outlets such as Gamepro, OXM, IGN, Team Xbox, and Gamezone.

Under the direction of Donald and Geremy Mustard, Chair’s design team has worked together for years gaining experience in many facets of entertainment including art design, digital animation, game development, storytelling, and comic books. Several of Chair’s founding members were part of the development team responsible for the video game Advent Rising, released in 2005 for Xbox and PC. They also directed the story and art design for the 360ep comic book series, Advent Rising: Rock the Planet.

In May 2008, Chair Entertainment Group was acquired by Epic Games, Inc., creators of the award-winning Unreal and Gears of War video game franchises and the industry leading Unreal Engine. For additional information on Epic Games please visit:

Industry veteran Howard Phillips was named studio director for Chair Entertainment Group in March 2009. The former Nintendo and Microsoft executive now spearheads studio growth and product development for Chair.


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