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Day 1 Studios is a leading independent developer dedicated to the craft of creating revolutionary, interactive entertainment.
Our team is a growing group of accomplished designers, artists and engineers who understand games; how to make them, how to play them and the record to back it up. Led by masters in their fields, they are armed with the tools they need and a clear path to excel. They are extraordinary people who attract additional talent and encourage a strong work ethic to create extraordinary entertainment.


Day 1 Studios was founded in 2001. Led by FASA Interactive alumni Denny Thorley, Electronic Arts veteran, Mike McDonald, former Microsoft Game Studio pioneer, TJ Wagner, and Activision veteran, Dan Hay. Day 1 quickly staked their claim as the company that would set the bar for Microsoft's new XBOX live technology. The result, MechAssault™, helped launch the vaunted on-line service in November of 2002 and instantly demonstrated to the world that Xbox Live and console online interactivity was the wave of the future.

MechAssault™ and soon after MechAssault 2: Lone Wolf™ based their success on Day 1's core philosophy: Make it Accessible, Make it Empowering and Make it Immersive. These three simple truths are the mainstay of Day 1's "process-oriented" culture that celebrates long-term thinking and engineered solutions to problems. Great engineering or beautiful art do not make a game on their own. We believe in great ideas and bringing these great ideas to life. We believe that our technology and artistry help turn those great ideas into great gameplay.

Bolstered by the success of the MechAssault series and the rock solid combination of staff and methodology, Day 1 was more than ready to make the leap into Next-Gen. Released to the press in August of 2006, Day 1 Studios signed on board with LucasArts to develop a new, and currently undisclosed, intellectual property. Focusing all efforts on the newest next-generation entertainment platforms offers opportunities of challenge; to test new creative, technical, and management paradigms like no other. With each challenge tackled, there are new opportunities to rethink, reevaluate, and annihilate the status quo.

Day 1 Studios has two studios located in Chicago and Hunt Valley, MD. Continuously growing, with over 140 employees today, cross-studio development continues our tradition of excellence and the passion to build high-quality games. In addition to our industry knowledge and business experience, we believe we continue to revolutionize the game experience. Our craft, collaboration, and fantastic energy make us the best. We are independent, innovative, and second to none. The challenges never end, and we hope they never do.

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