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DevCubeStudio – are a young and dynamic company.

We develop the software products of different purposes: service products for the domestic and commercial use, multiplatform games, online games, restricted developments in the simulation and visualization fields.

We have built a team of professionals to create the unique and innovative products. Each of our experts has over ten years of experience in the IT-sphere.

Our staff has participated in the development of the game series “Behind the the Enemy Lines”. The key areas of participation: the game engine – artificial intelligence, physics simulation, a map editor, the internal scripting language, as well as design, 3D-model of objects, development of the game missions, creating animations.

In addition, we are engaged in the web-development of any scale, from small sites and online shops to casino and flash games. In total, we have delivered more than 50 such projects.

Our team consists of over 50 experts.
The experience of our team allows for the development of several diverse projects at a time, for any platform – Windows, Linux, old and new generation game consoles.
Among the completed projects are both, the game projects of different genres and style, as well as the simulator developments.

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