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Dreadlocks is a young creative team of independent game developers founded in 2011 and based in Prague, Czech Republic. We focus on wide range development for many platforms including PC, Windows Phone 7, iPad, iPhone and Android.
Our goal is to create inspirational games that improve gamer experience through intriguing stories and attractive gameplay ideas. We also develop our own tools and technology including game engine. Our current concern is to finish and release our first commercial mobile title Rune Legend and to continue with evolution of an epic RPG about a conflict between magic and technology.

Dreadlocks Ltd is a brand new Czech-British game studio founded in 2011 that originated from an independent team. The team core was formed in 2008 around a bachelor thesis called Project Genesis at FEE, CTU in Prague.

The project's main goal was to gain as much information as possible concerning game design as well as acquire basic experience in this field. Genesis as a school project was then successfully concluded in August 2009.

Twinwill as an epic RPG was born during the fall of the same year. We have currently nine activly contributing members of the team and few other external co-workers. All work without regular salary. Thanks to our cooperation with the Institute of Intermedia on CTU, we have access to Motion Capture provided by Vicon.

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