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Echtra is an independently run studio of veteran game developers* located in San Francisco’s SoMa district. Founded with solid corporate backing in early 2016, we’re building a big world based on a beloved gaming franchise.
At Echtra we value individual ownership and creativity. We have a clear long-term vision for the game, and trust and rely on our people to take the lead on making that vision come true. We use tools that support remote work and make make it easy to schedule around life’s demands. We offer flexible scheduling and everyone takes the time they need for family and personal interests. We’re building a huge world to explore and adventures to share with friends for years to come. We’ll be adding content and features long after launch, and going global with PC and console versions. We’re carefully choosing when to innovate versus adopting proven solutions. Using existing technologies like the Unreal engine for heavy lifting lets us focus on the unique things only we can do: build an insanely fun and exciting world to play in.

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