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exDream's founders are working on games since 1994. exDream entertainment GbR was founded in the year 2000 by Benjamin Nitschke, Dipl.-Des. Leif Griga and Dipl.-Oek. Boje Holtz. In the year 2008 we changed our legal form of organisation and work as exDream GmbH now.
1994 - 97: Twork, a Jump'n'Run-game with 70hz-scrolling. Published by Kelly Data.
1997: Web - games for Schroedel Diesterweg Bildungsmedien GmbH & Co. KG and Trainshuttle, a multimedia-application.
1998: ICE4, a multimedia-application.
1999: Therapieplaner, a programm to manage therapies.
2000: Webwars, the prequel to Arena Wars but in 2D. This online-multiplayer-game was produced for the Innonics GmbH.
2001: Games for Kids: Eight games for touchscreen-computers. Produced for the Rosho GmbH.
2002: Started working on WebWars Arena. .NET came out, our game was the first commerical game using this new technology.
2003: Improved WebWars Arena and signed contract with Ascaron to release the game early in 2004.
2004: WebWars Arena was renamed to Arena Wars and released at 2006-07-16 and received many awards and prices.
2005: Started new project. Also coded many tools, a new engine and the small Rocket Commander game.
2006: Rocket Commander and many Mods (Flower Commander, Fruit Commander, Pizza Commander, etc.) are released.
2006: Racing Game, developed for Microsoft
2007: Arena Wars Reloaded, developed for dtp
2008: exDream starts Next Gen Project FIREBURST for Xbox360, PS3 and PC using Epic's UNREAL engine


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