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What is exosyphen? The origin of the word, and of exosyphen studios, is the same: invention, innovation, and imagination. We created our name to represent who we are, and we continue to define "what exosyphen is" through our cutting-edge gaming and mobile applications, our unique business philosophy, and our commitment to community building in both the real and the cyber world.

2002 marked the founding of exosyphen, and the birth of the popular Hacker Evolution series. Released as the first PC game ever authored in Romania, Hacker Evolution continues to be one of our premier products. In 2010, when the Hacker Evolution series was published by STEAM for the PC and Mac, it was an instant hit - becoming the number 4 best selling game, and propelling exosyphen from a small indie studio to a major game developer.

Throughout our history, exosyphen has been synonymous with "First ever":

World's first 3D shooter on a cell phone. In 2004 exosyphen ported Quake (yes, Quake!) to Windows mobile - proving, years before iPhone Apps even existed, that complete 3D games can run on a mobile phone.

Location-based sharing before mobile social networking existed. Also in 2004, exosyphen created GSM-Tracker, allowing users to mark and share their location with friends and interact with other users in the same area.

Number 1 most-used web app for iOS devices. After prototyping a new concept called "mobile widgets" (small php/html apps running within your phone's browser), exosyphen introduced WiFiSpeed, a web app designed to measure the speed of the user's internet connection. (short description of WiFiSpeed)

First and only no-subscription mobile antivirus app. When the first mobile virus appeared on Symbian, exosyphen was there with exoVirusStop, one of the lightest and most efficient virus protection apps on the market.

"Rail Adventures" rises to top 2% of all Apple App Store games. This LITE version of our popular iOS 3D action racer became a must-have in 2009, and remains a staple for coal-cart jockeys.

All told, exosyphen has garnered an estimated 10 million users of our free products and services, and sold over a million copies of our various software products.

But after 10 years of success, our core values have never changed.

We remain independent despite lucrative buyout offers. We remain open and accessible to our gaming followers, engaging in discussions on our channels and showing our regard for customer opinion in our responses and actions. We remain committed to our community, investing at least 10% of our profits to sponsor local activities and social causes, and directly supporting young students and enthusiasts with advice and feedback.

A totally different studio requires a totally different name.

exosyphen: It can be done. We just did it.

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