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We are Game Mechanic Studios. What do we do? Make Games! How do we do it? With Game Mechanics!

Game Mechanic Studios, LLC is a young game development company located in Tarzana, CA. We pride ourselves on being a blue-collar studio. Everyone works together on the front lines to ensure that each and every aspect of the game is brought to quality.

We started this company, in 2008, with the goal of making great games with great people. In our toolbox we have some of the best artists, designers, and programmers in the game industry. Each of us has spent countless years refining our skills at the largest game development studios in the world.
We have worked hard to ensure our process and development standards are second to none.

By using a unique approach to game development we have set our sights high. We intend to push the envelope of the interactive entertainment medium forward in new and exciting ways that have yet to be seen.

We want to work with teams and people that inspire us, and in turn we can inspire them, by working together to create amazing games. Our intent is to focus our talents solely on making quality games above all else.

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