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Hello Games
Hello Games ist ein britisches Entwicklerstudio und Publisher aus dem englischen Guildford. Das Unternehmen ist für die Computerspielreihe Joe Danger bekannt und das Science-Fiction-Action-Adventure No Man’s Sky.
Hello Games is pretty awesome. Here’s our ‘job description’: make fun games, drink tea, win awards and talk nonsense. You can have total creative freedom too, if you want.

So maybe you want to be a part of a small gang with big ideas. Maybe you’re a new friend who likes making games (rather than our current ones, who just like eating crisps and laughing with their mouths full).

Hello Games is a small team and it’s going to stay that way, but we’re always looking out for super-special talented new friends to go on adventures together with.

We’re in Guildford in the UK, and no one gets to work from home. Not since that time Ryan did and completed Red Dead Redemption. And we don’t hold internships – when you join us, you join for reals, fully paid up and ready to roll.

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