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About Our Company

Hidden Path Entertainment is an independent video game company established to develop and produce interactive entertainment software for current and future generations of video game consoles and other computing platforms.

Our management team includes industry veterans who have over 40 combined years of gaming experience. We have contributed to best-in-class titles in multiple genres and on multiple platforms including top game titles at Access Software, Ensemble Studios, FASA, IBM, Microsoft Game Studios, Sierra Online, and Virtual World Entertainment. Members of our management team have also worked as part of the Xbox, Xbox Live and Xbox 360 launch teams.

This experience in game design, production, technology and art, along with our strong subcontracting partners, allows Hidden Path to manage all aspects of game development from starting concept to final gold master. We focus on original concept development to bring innovative experiences to video gaming.

Hidden Path is currently working on both independently-funded and console publisher-funded projects, developing fun and innovative titles for some of the most popular companies in gaming.

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