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Is an independent game development studio based in Aalborg, Denmark. Established in 2010, Interceptor aims to develop cutting edge games using the latest cross platform game engine technology.
In 2010, the company quickly assembled a world class development team to begin work on their first title, Duke Nukem 3D: Reloaded. The work done on the unprecedented fan project that became the officially licensed remake of Duke Nukem 3D led to Interceptor being contracted to work on several high profile titles for multiple platforms including PC, XBLA, PSN and iOS. In 2013 Interceptor released the critically acclaimed First Person Shooter “Rise of the Triad”, which won several awards, and was on the “Top Selling” on Steam for several weeks.

Today, Interceptor is a virtual team comprised of roughly 35 employees spread across 10 countries. We encourage our staff to work from home or with us here in Denmark as we believe that personal freedom leads to creative excellence.

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