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We offer a wide selection of carefully designed titles based on unique, educational and engaging topics. We are always working on new games to offer to the increasingly popular tabletop market, so check back here often to see what we got cooking for you.
Almost twenty years ago, I started Jolly Roger Games because I believed that I had an awesome game that needed to see the light of day, a Civil Wars miniatures rules set. Running it past established companies, I was told “You don’t have any published games, so go away.” Rather than be discouraged, I decided to publish it myself, becoming a publisher in addition to being a retailer (I owned two stores at that time). I wanted to create a company which found unique angles to games, offered a chance to new designers to bring their games to press, and making sure to do that without breaking a gamer’s bank account.

Over the years, I learned so much—because I made mistakes! In time though, Jolly Roger grew and in addition to new designers, I published games from critically-acclaimed designers, too, until Jolly Roger grew too big for one person to do.

So what does the future hold for us? Well, this past summer at Origins 2015, an opportunity came up that was perfect and changed Jolly Roger Games forever. I had the chance to merge Jolly Roger into Ultra PRO as they began producing board and card games, so that now, I have the opportunity to bring great games to press with the support of a bigger company with dedicated marketing and sales staffs. Most important to me though, Ultra PRO said they want to run the company like a big family—and the best part, it’s exactly how it works. I love that and I love watching Jolly Roger Games, a baby I brought into the world, grow up, grow bigger, and I hope you are as excited as I am to see what the future brings for Jolly Roger and Ultra PRO.

Formed in 1996, Jolly Roger Games designs and publishes a wide variety of strategy board games for the tabletop market, with a preference for games based on historical topics and story-telling themes. Jolly Roger Games’ past titles include innovative and award-winning designs such as Scream Machine, Victory & Honor, Four Dragons, A Nation on Trial, The Chicago Way, Swashbuckler, and Orcs at the Gates.

In addition, our recent title Founding Fathers, has received critical acclaim for its game play surrounding the unexpected and unique topic of the Constitution of United States.

Jolly Roger Games’ mission is to produce entertaining, thoughtful and educational games with immersive art, high quality components, and reasonable prices.

Jolly Roger Games is a division of Ultra PRO International, a leading brand of gaming accessories, storage solutions and pop culture collectibles.

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