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KIXEYE officially started in the late fall of 2009 when David Scott and Paul Preece, jack-of-all-trade game developers, teamed up with serial entrepreneur, and longtime video game fanboy, Will Harbin. From our two-desk subletted office in San Francisco, and with only two developers, one artist, and an unhealthy amount of Red Bull, we conceived and launched Backyard Monsters, which marked the beginning of an entire genre and gaming segment which today is responsible for millions upon millions of daily players and billions per year in revenue. The company later followed quickly with Battle Pirates, launched War Commander and started aggressively hiring to build more great games. In what would become a common theme, the company decided to "zig when others zagged" by developing and self-publishing MMORTSs (Massively Multiplayer Online Real Time Strategy) games for the web browser, at a time when the platform was littered with social cow clickers and candy puzzle poppers.

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