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Lightforge Games
Lightforge Games is a new, all-remote studio of industry veterans on a quest to change how the world plays RPGs. We're building a studio for the long haul, rooted in a culture of empathy, honesty, and growth. We're looking for wild dreamers and renaissance thinkers from all walks of life. Join our quest!
Embrace empathy
Empathy is critical to creating a psychologically safe workplace, key to a diverse and inclusive team, and is the core tenet behind our player-driven approach.

Vision validated
Making a game is part art and part science. Have the vision of an artist combined with a scientist's commitment to validating hypotheses.

Growth over comfort
We constantly need to push ourselves and flex into new horizons. We strive not to fear the shadows of what might go wrong, and accept the consequences of making mistakes along the way.

We are a constant work-in-progress in all that we do. No decision is ever permanent, and it’s never too late to make a good decision.

Radical honesty
We seek transparency and honesty to the highest possible level. Everyone can make smarter, more creative decisions when they have the full picture.

Tell your story
Everyone has a story to tell and everyone should tell it! Whether it’s who you are, a world you’ve built, or how you spent the weekend, share that story with the world.

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