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Llamasoft Ltd.

Formed in 1982 by eccentric programmer Jeff Minter, Llamasoft is known for its bright psychedelic visual style, funky music, abstract gameplay, and the frequent inclusion of sheep, camels, and other ungulates in their games. The studio continues to work as an independent game developer to this day, sitting in the middle of the Welsh countryside with an employee count of two humans (Minter and Ivan "Giles" Zorvin), an unspecified number of sheep, and at least one llama.

Llamasoft are best known for their microcomputer adventures like Gridrunner and the Mutant Camel Series, and their Atari Jaguar classic Tempest 2000. More recent releases include the PC and XBLA game Space Giraffe, Gridrunner Revolution, the "Minotaur Project" series of iPhone games, the Vita hit TxK (later revived for other platforms as Tempest 4000) and the VR arcade sensation Polybius (which was immortalised further by a music video for industrial act Nine Inch Nails).

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