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Luma Arcade
At Luma Arcade, we are all about creating great games on mobile devices. We put touch gaming first, and design game experiences from the ground-up for mobile. We strive to create truly fun games– the kind we’d like to play ourselves. That means creating beautiful, highly detailed game worlds with great action, fun controls, and play experiences that appeal to “core” gamers.
We’re a bunch of gamers and experienced game developers, working hard to build brand new worlds and IPs to create awesome games for players on mobile devices. We’re a fast growing company, and we’re self-funded (so we’re in control of our destiny!). We’re trying to push the envelope on mobile– technologically, graphically and in terms of gameplay– so as to deliver experiences beyond what players are accustomed to on their devices.

We build our games by utilizing reusable technology, created in-house as well as licensed, so that the learning and systems built for one game help us make each new game better and better. Luma got its start doing commercial CG and animations and that art pedigree carries over as we painstakingly build characters and game worlds at Luma Arcade. As such, we push to combine cutting edge technology, expertly crafted high-end art, and a player-first design philosophy in order to create new, innovative games.

We love mobile because it allows us to connect directly with players all over the world, to listen to player feedback, and to continuously improve our games. We like the fact that people carry our games around with them wherever they go! And we know that if we create truly great games, players will whip out their devices and share our games with the friends they’re hanging out with.

We believe mobile games can be more and better than they are today. So we strive to be a leading example of treating players well, creating beautifully immersive game worlds, and innovating on mobile gameplay. We hope you like our work and we thank you sincerely for playing!

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