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Midas Interactive Entertainment Ltd.
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Midas Interactive Entertainment Ltd.
Midas Interactive Entertainment Ltd., eine aus Großbritanien stammende Entwickler Firma. Mit kleinem Budget und kleiner Mannschaft gehören sie der Majesty-house Gruppe an.

Midas Interactive Entertainment Ltd. is an international publisher of video games for the leading gaming platforms including Sony PlayStation One, PlayStation 2, PC CD-Rom, handheld computers and mobile phones.

The undoubted success of Midas has been achieved through the establishment of strong business relationships with key developers, publishers, distributors and retailers all around the globe.


Midas has an unrivalled reputation for delivering outstanding value for money products whether for the full price or budget price sectors.

Midas continually evolves its product ranges and has set new standards in the budget market in particular with hugely successful PlayStation One and PlayStation 2 ranges. The Midas formula works with console game sales now in excess of 9 million units.

As and when new formats emerge and establish themselves as a viable platform Midas will support and develop these formats with their own unique product ranges.

Midas Interactive Entertainment Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales.

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