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My name is Markus Persson, and I'm a programmer. You can call me "Notch".
If you want to, you can email me at notch@mojang.com. Be warned that my spam filter eats far too many real emails, though.

I currently run my own company called Mojang Specifications, where I'm currently developing a game called Minecraft.
I used to work for Jalbum as a programmer. Or developer. Or code guru. We got to pick our own titles. :D
Before that, I worked for King.com as a game programmer for 4.5 years. I wrote games like Funny Farm, Luxor, and Carnival Shootout. I mostly did actionscript programming there, but also some java for the game verification code.
Recently, I've done some work in C++. It's a powerful language and fun, but the retarded compilation system makes me cry a bit.
I was one of the founders of a unique mmorpg called Wurm Online. I'm no longer active there.
I also make music under the name Markus Alexei. It's electronica, and releases are very far apart.


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