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NUKKLEAR creates AAA digital content: From online media to apps to games – on platforms from web to mobile to PC to console – turning ideas into products. We are an independent development studio based in Hannover (HQ) and Berlin, Germany. Our core team members started working together all the way back in 1999, and since then established themselves as an expert powerhouse in gaming and digital content development. NUKKLEAR is known for its expertise in creating networked and connected gaming experiences. We’ve developed multiple MMORPG games, as well as apps and mobile games for our clients. Aside of working with awesome clients, we develop our own IP, concepts and games.

We make games, what better job is there? From the first office frag fests in the legendary Doom™ to fierce competitions in the beloved Tekken™ our team has been immersed it since the very first day of our professional existence. From massive multiplayer experiences we created on PC online, to mobile games, our passion and expertise shows. We keep in touch with our market by playing and keep up to date with the latest in tech by continually evolving our processes and using the latest state of the art tools.

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