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ON3D Studios
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ON3D Studios
We are a video games development studio based in Bogotá, Colombia, striving to bring highly entertaining games for consoles and PC. We create games for all types of gamers to experience something special through their compelling storylines and innovative game mechanics, topped up by the great works of our highly experienced art department.
We are a Gaming Studio based in Bogota, Colombia, focused on creating awesome entertaining video games for consoles and pc, our game are thought all types of gamers to enjoy and have a great gaming experience with awesome stories and innovative game mechanics, all of this wrapped up by our great game art thanks to the talent of our art department bringing the player the best of our work.
Our team is the most important asset in On3D Studios for that we would like you to meet the people that makes our Studio and games awesome, get to know a little about each one of us and check out what we do.

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