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We’re three people who are committed to make games. Coming straight from university where we were studying in a master course on games we decided to start a company of our own. A company to create games, naturally.

We found that we all not only wanted to make games in general, but a certain kind of games. Emotional games. Games that emit and transfer feelings to you. Games that make you cry. Ok, you’re a tough one. We got it. But crying sometimes is fine.

While that might sound depressing, occasionally you might also have a laugh, too. Or just a smile. Or a giggle. Or a chuckle. Or …

But there is more beyond laughing and crying: We love to make you think. And we don’t mean thinking about when to best jump over the next gap or which weapon to use on that Zombie. We’d like to really make you ponder on that heavy decision up ahead in which there simply is no one right way.

When you’re finished with our games, you might see the world from a different point of view. That is nice, isn’t it? But – we’re neither teaching nor preaching. It’s entirely up to you what you take away from our games.

So, in the end, it all comes down to this: Whether you like our games or not. And if you do, we have done something right.

We hope you like our games.

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