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Out of the Blue Games is a games company based in Madrid, Spain. We are a group of veteran developers who want to live doing what they love most: games. After working together in several companies, we have decided to start a new adventure where we can develop our own ideas.
We would like to grow slowly, to keep a healthy environment of communication and transparency. We advocate for quality of life and respect for each and every one of us. We trust in the responsibility and experience of the team, and we work in an agile and goal-oriented way, enabling flexible schedules and work from home.

Our purpose is to make games with quality and attention to detail. We like to create coherent and lively stories, environments and worlds that resonate with our players. We want them to have fun, to feel, to experience those stories. And that together we can feel proud of our work.

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Call of the Sea
Call of the Sea
H4 2020 Adventure
PCPS4Xbox One


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