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We are a small indie game dev studio in Nuremberg, Germany. We started to develop 3D games for PC and consoles in 2015. The company was founded in 2004 and we have created hundreds of mobile apps and games since 2011.
ChromaGun and Can't Drive This, our first (PC) games, were born during Ludum Dare. We had playable versions after just one weekend of jamming. We like to kick off prototypes rapidly and then continue developing with first hand feedback from gamers. Escape the Loop, our third release, is in the making.

We love and spend a lot of time and effort into communities with focus on gaming. You can watch us discuss and/or develop games on Twitch. We're Twitch Partner since December 2016. One of our notable contributions to the Twitch community is King of the Pit.

Feel free to get in touch :)

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