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The vision for SimBin Studios AB (SBS) is to build a solid cash-flow that will allow SBS to finance productions subcontracted to SimBin Development Team AB (SBDT). SBS will thereby achieve higher profitability for its productions. By sharing marketing, PR and administrations costs the SimBin Group will as a whole achieve higher cost efficiency across the three companies. SBS will achieve growth by diligently adding to its licensing and publishing rights.

SBS is the mother company and is responsible for the SimBin group in the areas of Finances, Brand management and Publishing. The company is also responsible for Business development, Marketing, PR, Administration and as well as Human resources for the SimBin Group.

SBS is located in the small town of Vara, Sweden. Lead by extensive industry knowledge and racing background through CEO, Henrik Roos, the company possesses an extensive contact network in both the motorsport and gaming industry. The close connection to motorsports can be found throughout the whole organization, from developers to shareholders.

SimBin Studios Management group consists of members from the different departments in the group of companies, these are production, marketing, press, financial, business, IT and Human Resources. All these members have a lot of experience, extensive competence and connections in the areas relevant for the company. The Management group has a strong support from the board that has an advisory function in key topics.

Business concept.

The business model is predicated on signing strong licenses within the motorsports industry on which to build strong IP of its own. By providing SBDT with finances for its productions, the company targets the margins from both the production and publishing sides of the business. By developing its own brands, the company places itself in a position to fully exploit new ma


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