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In the summer of 2011, three Ohio natives from very different worlds, Tom, a retired Special Operations veteran, Justin, an entrepreneur and gamer, and Flav, a seasoned business attorney, organized to build a video games studio. United through a vision to make tactical shooter games that play best, SOF Studios was born.

Launching out, our founders ventured to assemble the right team of equally passionate and talented people capable of supporting their vision. Unearthing many new discoveries along the way, they remained adaptable. Applying constructive criticism, refining strategy, and strengthening capability.

Through passion, leadership, and wisdom our co-founders developed the studio vision through its first year of operation. Shortly thereafter, SOF Studios announced the hiring of world-renowned creative director and creator of those groundbreaking SOCOM games, David "DOCTOR BOOM" Sears.

Since producing Kickstarter's highest funded military shooter game campaign, David and his team of creatives are hard at work developing H-Hour: World's Elite™, a tactical, team-based, modern military shooter in production for PC and PlayStation 4.

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