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Spicy Horse
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Spicy Horse

Spicy Horse is a game development studio located in Shanghai, China. Founded by a rag tag collection of game industry vets, creative artists, and adventure seeking expats in late 2006. Spicy\'s mission is to build eccentric game content for the PC and console market. Our passion for game making is fueled by an intense love for all things story, art, and fun.
Our Quality Mantra

* Nothing is insignificant
* Exceed expectations
* Take responsibility
* Make full decisions
* Deadlines are serious
* Sweat the small stuff
* No broken windows

Spicy relies on a unique production model, strong culture, and interesting location to inspire and drive development of its game titles. Our production model utilizes local, outsourced content production (near-sourcing) to reduce turn-over and keep our studio headcount low. Only \"core development\" groups exist within Spicy Horse - made up of designers, programmers, animators, producers, and concept artists. Large scale asset production is always handled externally. This keeps core team headcount below 60 persons per project. We believe this leads to higher levels of communication, creativity, and quality.


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